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Sachin and a shoemaker

The man outside his shop on that winter afternoon was wearing sunglasses but Kishan Murena recognised him immediately. Most Indians would. Like millions of others, he had come across that face in newspapers and magazines, on cola cans, and, of course, on television. He was there barely for a minute or two when a crowd started forming around him. “I am staying at the Bothwell Bank. Why don’t you come there tomorrow around 11 am?” he asked him. And then Sachin Tendulkar was gone.

Why marriages kill good relationships

It’s astonishing how perfectly good relationships turn to dust after marriage.What starts off with passion, love, insatiable togetherness, hours of happy time in bed together and dreams and desires of ‘happily ever after’ literally comes to a screeching halt with the words “I do” at the marriage altar. It’s all the bloody role playing that comes in the way.

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